Have a look at some examples of our experience in the Business of Fun



We are well known by the Dutch media for our knowledge about the industry of leisure and tourism. Both the national as the regional and local media publicize our opinions and knowledge. Professional media are also good contacts of us. For more info see For the media.

Imagineering and concepting

Imagineering, concepting and Design thinking are new ways to create products or immersive concepts/ worlds with experience. These philosophies are useful to create new products in the business of fun but also in other industries. Our creative specialists have a lot of experience in creating new business in the field of leisure and tourism. They have been involved in the development of new attractions, accommodations, and restaurant a bar concepts in both the Netherlands and other countries in the world.

We constantly develop new concepts that are available to be implemented in the industry. We have already prepared innovative concepts for attractions, themed tours, a restaurant and city marketing.


Are you looking for a sparring partner or a new business-model? Do you want advice about your marketing and communications? Or are you struggling with your strategy?  The Business of Fun has a large network of consultants and specialists wit lots of experience? Because we work lean and mean we do ask high fees for our advice. We are a network organization that delivers tailor-made teams. We do not have a lot of overhead and therefore have affordable prices. You are always welcome to contact us free of charge. Let’s talk about what TBF can do for you. 

Speaker(s), workshops, training and webinars

The Business of Fun and specifically its founder Goof Lukken is a well-known speaker about everything related to leisure and tourism in Netherlands. But he also has a lot of knowledge about the international markets and speaks fluently English.

TBF also has a lot of workshops and trainings prepared that can be done either live or as a webinar. Topics can be trends, marketing, imagineering, design thinking (work innovative) or hospitality.

We also develop tailor-made workshops, trainings or webinars.

Some examples

  • The future of tourism and leisure, during and after Corona
  • Holiday Happines and Blues, why a holiday gives you happiness and blues afterwards
  • Let’s Zoo. Why zoos are modern organizations that deliver qualitative and meaningful ex-periences, but as play a great role in conservations
  • Delivering experience en beeing meaningfull.
  • Seniors and trends: How to attract this interesting target group?
  • LeisureTrends: What a the current trends in leisure and how to apply them to your company?
  • Overtourism: How to deal with crowds and negative effects of leisure and tourism?
  • Retail: what can shops learn from the experience economy of theme parks?

These are just a few examples from our portfolio.