Goof Lukken, founder

Goof Lukken, FounderThe platform The Business of Fun (TBF) is founded by Goof Lukken. He is an expert in the field of the business of fun, tourism and leisure. His expertise reaches out from marketing, management and concepting in the Dutch and international markets. Read more about him here.

Goof Lukken is a part  time senior lecturer Attractions & Theme Parks Management, tourism and leisure at Breda University of applied sciences ( He teaches in the field of marketing, communication and management. Goof has worked as a marketing manager for Libéma. This is one of the biggest leisure holdings in the Netherlands that owns several theme parks, zoo’s resorts and event locations. Within the Breda University, he is mainly involved the Europe’s first bachelor track in Attractions and Theme Parks management. This track works in education closely together with several partners in the industry such as Disney World, Efteling, several zoo’s and Europapark. Goof is also a specialist in the field of the Dutch tourism and leisure industry. He is also the founder of the Dutch website

In his career of 30 years in the industry, he was involved in opening a new zoo, museum and theme park. Currently is also working as a consultant, involved in master planning for a zoo, the development of a new attraction and a new hybrid zoo. 

Next to Goof Lukken there are a lot of other experts connected to TBF. They all have a long experience (over 15 years) in the industry.