Blog and vlogs

We publicize blogs and vlogs about the industry. Topics are trends, developments, best practices and interviews with leaders in the industry.

Online courses/learning platform

We are currently developing several online courses on the Business Of Fun. These courses will be part of our online learning platform.

Allready availble are the following modules of our online learning plaform:

Module 1:The industry

An introduction tot the business of fun (tourism, entertainment and leisure). What does your specific industry look like? What are the big developments, trends and competitors in your market? Are there culural differences to take serious?

Module 2: Best Practices

This moudule brings together a compact summary of best practice insights into world class businesses of fun (tourism, entertainment and leisure). During these one hour live online presentations, quickly gain a snapshot of industry best practices. We have world-wide examples and more continetal or regional examples.

Module 3: Hospitality

What is hospitality and what s the role of it in the guest-experience?

Module 4: (E)Marketing

How do you sell products or services? Learn everything about marketing  and online marketing/e-comerce in the business of fun

Module 5: Storytelling and design

How to create an unique product of service, by using storrytelling, imagineering and desig.

Module 6: Management

How to manage the business of fun. Learn about operational and strategic management, leadership and change management

Module 7: Focus on resort management

How to manage a multifunctional leisure location like a resort.

Module 8: Focus on theme park management

Management of a theme park asks for extra compentences.

Module 9: Focus on Family Entertainment Centers

Indoor venues like Family Entertainment Centers rely on good management of food and beverage operations as the guest experience.

Module 10: Focus on zoo’s

Zoo’s work with live animals and this requires more ethical competences and also insights in conservation and education.

Experts for the media

We can comment and share our visions on the industry for mainstream media. Please contact us with you questions and we will immediately find the right expert for you and your media outlet.


The business of fun, tourism and leisure has evolved enormously in the last decades. What is the historic, current and future situation of the industry?


Trends and developments in the business of fun, tourism and leisure arise quickly. We follow them constantly and keep you informed and trained.


Here is our story. Our trendwatchers keep you constantly informed about all the current developments in the Business of Fun.